The 5 Wrench System

We here at Empire Performance Engineering pride ourselves on creating the highest quality parts on the market. We make sure they are thoroughly tested and check for any possible issues. It can sometimes be a guessing game at whether or not it can be installed simply when it comes to the installation of any part. We have implemented a system to let you the customer know how easy or difficult the install can be and have broken it down through our 5 Wrench System.

The Following Will Go In To Detail Of Each Difficulty Level:

1 Wrench: Basic Skill Level / Basic Tools
The ability to perform basic maintenance and service repairs is required. The use of basic tools such as wrenches & sockets. 

2 Wrenches: Novice/Intermediate Skill / Some Advanced Tools
The ability to perform above standard maintenence is required. Font End / Ball Joints / Tie-Rods / Brakes

3 Wrenches: Service Technician / Complete Tools w/ Power Tools
The ability to perform major repairs such as head gaskets & injectors. The ability to remove / replace engines & transmissions with a basic knowledge to decipher major repair requirements. Complete tool set w/ speciality tools such as impacts needed. 

4 Wrenches: Technician / Designated Speciality Tools
A repair technician with the experience of major repairs on a regular basis while being familiar with many makes and models is required. Complete tool set w/ designated diagnostic equipment & tools needed.

5 Wrenches: Professional Technician / Diagnostic Equipment With Advanced List Of Tools
A professional repair technician with many years of experience rebuilding / overhauling engines & transmissions. A full knowledge of mechanical & electrical side of vehicles is required. Every tool known for a technician will be needed.