We Specialize In Diesel Dyno Tuning & Testing

  • •We offer a complete diesel engine dynamometer testing facility with a 3000+ Horsepower capability.
  • •We test and tune to achieve the highest output for your engine.
  • •We offer a professional, comfortable and safe test cell with video monitoring capabilities. 
  • •Both in-frame and out-of-frame engine testing  are available. 
  • •Sophisticated software and data acquisition with customized graphs and reports provided
  • •Tear down bays with overhead cranes and tools provided for use
  • •Fully operational stations including a scrub station
  • •Engine handling equipment is available, including forklifts and hoists
  • •Clean climate controlled atmosphere
  • •We offer a drop off/ pick up test and tune service

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We know that there are many places out there that claim to provide the best Dyno services. Our goal from the moment you hook up to our machine till the moment you recover your vehicle is that no stones will be left un-turned. With our full master fabricator to create desired piping to our highly knowledgeable mechanics there is nothing that will not be done. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the results we can get you hooked up again at your earliest convenience.